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Intermedical S.r.l. is one of the few companies in the world that is capable of manufacturing anaesthetics (Articaine and Mepivacaine) for dental use thanks to innovative equipment and a highly selective quality control process. In fact, the Company manufactures its products in compliance with the highest quality standards required by the applicable laws and regulations.

A key specialisation are products for disinfection and sterilisation in the medical and dental field. Intermedical S.r.l. produces all types of disinfectants to meet all medical and healthcare needs.

Intermedical S.r.l. completes its range with the most popular products in dentistry, particularly products for Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry, and with an offer intended for national and international distribution thanks to the possibility of also manufacturing private label products. 

Novatis - Ipoclor 5% | Intermedical s.r.l.



>> Injectable Anaesthetics



>> Root canal treatments

>> Root canal cements
>> Root canal pins


>> Cavity foundations

>> Etchants

>> Adhesives

>> Sealants

>> Composites

>> Accessories

>> Temporary cements

>> Permanent cements



>> Disinfectants



>> Masks

>> Napkins

>> Patient bibs

>> Standard surgical drapes

>> Irrigation needles

>> Sterile needles

>> Surgical caps with rubber

bands and/or laces

>> etc.



>> Abrasive pastes

>> Desensitising agents

>> Tooth whiteners

>> Mouthwash



>> Casts

>> Investments

>> Material from impressions

>> Waxes

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